Why You Should Journal When Traveling

Most of you should know the benefits of travelling and discovering new places. It bring you out of your comfort zone and allows you to see new perspectives, howerver, it is a good idea to bring a journal with you to document all the things you’ve learned and keep a history of the places you’ve been.

Or if you like to blog, take pictures, or record videos, that is another possibility as well. Your creative mind works overdrive when you are travelling abroad because your brain is put ina new environment hence it is able to come up with different ideas and thought that you never thought you could have.

But, assuming you want to just document your travel story only to yourself, a small notebook and a pencil or a pen is all you need. You don’t necessarily have to write things about philosophy and deep thought that is way to overboard, but something about your experience and what you’ve learned along the way is a start.

When you write down the things and experiences you’ve been through in a way you are giving yourself time to reflect and think of all the amazing moments you’ve been through. It will make you feel a bit bittersweet to be honest, because all these old memories will start flooding back to you before your travels.

However you need to reflect on your old self in order to make sense of where you are heading now. Because life is not necessarily about travel travel and travel all the time. It gives you the opportunity to reflect on yourself and see a different side of you did not know. It is a journey of self-discovery.

Once you go on this journey of self discovery you can not go back no matter how hard you try. You’ve seen too much; you’ve learned too much to go back to the old way of life. It would be disservice to who you are if you go back to doing the same thing you’ve been doing.

There will be a feeling within you to keep challenging yourself and to keep your curious mind alive. Some people are just made that way, there is no fighting it as much as you may. Surrend to the feeling and allow that to be your advantage.

When writing logs and entries on your journal focus on what you’ve been through first and foremost. Write down the events, stories, and experiences you’ve gone through without bias. Once that is done, write down about how it made you feel. What was your thought process during those moments? Was there something new you learned about yourself or a different feeling you got from that experience.

Now comes the fun part, because after you have written all that, you need to read those things back to yourself and reflect on your story. During those moments you will find a lot of clarity about who you are, and in some ways come to terms about aspects of yourself that you have been running away from.

That is the beauty of journaling and keeping a diary when you are out on the road. You learn a lot of not just only new places, different cultures, and people, but more about who you are as a person, what you want out of life, and where you want to go in life.